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Mekorama Shocky

Mekorama is one of the most amazing games that i have come across and i instantly fell for it. I first saw it with my friends Benoy and Neeraj and was amazed at the simplicity and the visual prowess of the game. The developer has done an awesome job. Kudos.. Got addicted to it very Read More

My buddy, My Friend and the Forest Guard…! Part 1

After a long break, i’m back with another story.  I’m one of the fools who thinks a bike never leaks oil rather it marks its territory. 🙂  What anyone thinks about me, i give a f**k..! So don’t bother…. This is how it all started.. During my schooling days my  father used to have an Read More


Freelancer’s Life: An unfathomable experience !

Lemme start my blog with this official post paying respect to the path i have walked and where it have led me as of now. After a few years of doing freelance jobs i have quite a lot of experience  to share with everyone out there. Well it doesn’t quite add up if i say Read More

Think!Think! Re-Think!

Hi Friends, This would be my first time seriously writing a blog. Starting this blog, there is still a question that remains.. WTF am i going to write here…!  Still i don’t have a clue why i started this blog. It just came to my mind that i need a place to shout out something. Let it Read More

Hello world!

Naa…! I don’t want to delete this… Don’t know why, i keep on doing this, whether it’s a website or an android app or a cordova project , the thing i do to try out even though i have a actual content or instead of  a speed test like asdhkjahskdbakhk , this guy automatically comes out. Read More