Mekorama Shocky

Mekorama Shocky

Mekorama is one of the most amazing games that i have come across and i instantly fell for it. I first saw it with my friends Benoy and Neeraj and was amazed at the simplicity and the visual prowess of the game. The developer has done an awesome job. Kudos.. Got addicted to it very quickly and finished the first 50 levels… So i needed something compelling and according to Neeraj there should be a level that seems simple but almost impossible to achieve. So here it is, my own first custom level for mekorama – Shocky. All you mekoramans out there, try it out and tell me how it feels. All the best…!

NB:- Until now my friend Benny is the only person to have completed this level. Tell me if you completed it..

Mekorama :

Download Links : Google Play   |   iOS

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