My buddy, My Friend and the Forest Guard…! Part 1

My buddy, My Friend and the Forest Guard…! Part 1

After a long break, i’m back with another story.  I’m one of the fools who thinks a bike never leaks oil rather it marks its territory. đŸ™‚  What anyone thinks about me, i give a f**k..! So don’t bother…. This is how it all started..

During my schooling days my  father used to have an RD350 and i loved it very much for it raw power and the feel it gives. That was my spark for the love for machines. The Royal Enfield came later in my life when my friend Midhun had bought one and the moment i rode it, i knew that i have fell for it. I have seen bullets my whole life and thought why a bike with a 50 year old technology is still in production. That ride changed my entire view of what a bike should be. Well if you are waiting for an explanation, just get on a bullet and have a spin, you’ll feel it too. The next factor that strengthend my bond with the bullet is the community following it, i would rather call them My Brothers. Midhun introduced me to one such group Bullethood (The Bikers) in Kochi. The everlasting smile and a warm hug is the best trait of a brother. They welcomed me with the same and since then i have been their brother. There’s lot to tell about the Bullethood family, its members and The Beast Rider which i would do in my next post. Sorry guyz..! I had already booked my ride before joining the club, The Classic Desert Storm 500 and i so do not regret the decision of changing from classic 350 to DS500 even for a second…Its worth it.. I started riding with the club in the  Morning Breakfast rides and Occasional rides… The big moment came when i first rode solo to bangalore and from then on i have always preferred to ride on my buddy to bangalore.

Sreenath Solo Ride

Sometimes, you find yourselves in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourselves

So here’s my experience with my buddy and my friend (Benny) on our return ride from Bangalore to Ernakulam through the once terrorised regions of sathyamangalam forest and the fated meeting with the life saving forest guard at valparai…

My buddy, My Friend and the Forest Guard…!
Benny Xavier

Benny is one of the co-founders of the company Riafy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. along with me and goes by the name ‘Hacker’ in our friends circle. He has recently bought a new Royal Enfield ThunderBird 500 ( i’m responsible for that đŸ™‚ ) and he was waiting for his first long trip to test it out. So during  my last bangalore ride we packed up together and started off.  We did the basic highways during the trip to bangalore and reached safely. On our return trip we thought of having some fun and try out a new route. so going along with my sister’s suggestion we took up the route through kanakapura – satyamangalam.

Except for a ride, getting up early in the morning is a hassle. To avoid the rush, we started early in the morning and had our meeting point set in nice ring road kanakapura exit.

The start was awesome having the cool breeze brush through our face and the sexy curves that kiss you to death. Well, we enjoyed it and soon the sun came up but we were saved by the shades of trees which was one of the reason we selected that route. We had a few snicker breaks in between and had a couple of red bulls to energize our ride. The road was nearly empty except for a few buses at times and some  Heavy Duty TVS scooters đŸ˜› . We had all the fun riding close to each other and playing roadrash at times..

The National Highway 209 was in excellent conditions 90% of the length except for a few times when the road became too small that made us doubt the route. At times we could see people spreading the hay in the middle of the road from their farms and sometimes if you are lucky, you could feel the warmth of their smile in your heart. A lot of people were staring at us due to the flashy orange covers and of-course the thumps.

We reached Coimbatore before noon and that’s when the first tragedy happened “COIMBATORE TOWN”. The town was so crowded that we were split and had lost our ways. It felt like all the people in the town were fleeing in fear of sunami or so. The sign boards hardly told the correct way and people kept on honking whenever i stopped to ask routes. In middle of that i lost sight of benny to make it worse. I found a spot to park the bike and called benny to let him know about our next rendezvous point. It was sad(funny) hearing him say that he doesn’t know where he is going and he said kept circle for half an hour to find the exit. After telling him that i would meet him at pollachi, i was ready to deal with this mess. That’s when i spotted something hanging from the side of the bike. SHIT! That bag in which i kept my dress was not closed after we took some snacks in the last break. I told sorry in my mind to all the people who were honking me before to tell me about this.. Sorry!.. Luckily it was just 2 jockeys that i lost.

After packing the bag i got on my buddy and started for pollachi. En route i faced some off roads ( In the middle of town ) and a half build bridge which scared me to hell. After a long 1:30 hrs of frustrated juggle, i was out of Coimbatore town and soon reached the NH. From there straight on to pollachi. Thats when everything changed…

{ Part 2 , Coming Soon.. }

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