Freelancer’s Life: An unfathomable experience !

Freelancer’s Life: An unfathomable experience !

Lemme start my blog with this official post paying respect to the path i have walked and where it have led me as of now.

After a few years of doing freelance jobs i have quite a lot of experience  to share with everyone out there. Well it doesn’t quite add up if i say that it was a pleasant journey all these 6 years. Well it was not. Hell lot of troubles at first, had to undergo apprenticeship where my boss didn’t even pay me enough for a bunch of hay.  He was a HITLER.  Quit working with him the 3rd month and registered myself with a dozen of freelance sites. The thing i found out after registering all these sites is that there are a lot of jobs in this world and the moment you register in one of these sites, it starts piling up in your inbox like all the world was waiting for you and best part of it is that, after a month’s curiosity of what jobs they send to you, you are never gonna bid on it or read it afterwards. Now, whenever i get a mail with the subject ” Latest projects matching your skills ” i just mark it read ( It’s hard to ignore even though it’s useless) and never look back.

After testing out many of big players, except a single site everything else just was waste of time. My saviour and still my best has undergone some pretty amazing, crazy as well as rubbish transformations. At the time i joined it was called which later came to know as  and which was later acquired by Trust my word, it’s the best that’s out there. Even though after the latest acquisition and the things a little messy, it is still the best.

Started my official freelancing first by doing simple  jobs of article spinning and a few self written articles. Of course it was short lived. I was out of business once my clients started using plagiarism checkers. F*CK those guys. I had to do something else in order to meet my needs ( At that time my top most priority was for Biriyani and Booze ). Went to study a 2 month course of C++ in a private institution which was on a lucky draw scholarship. It was hard keeping on looking into that blue screen and the CRT i had flickered with every keystroke. Yup, i attended the class only for 3-4 days. I still don’t regret it as i had a wonderful teacher during my high school who taught me the same and i still could not forget even the least bit of what she taught, even if i try to. I will share my schooling experiences in another post another time and it’s sure is a messy one.  Being bored staring into the blue screen, i shifted to a more lively side.  A new batch for photoshop was starting that day and had a few good colors (beauties) in the batch. There on for 2 months i learned PS and taught them how to use lasso with a mouse. Well I’m thankful to that class as it saved my ass while i was out of business.

Photoshop skill can really be an asset when you do freelancing. I worked for a film school guy, doing banners in photoshop with stock photos which is now Hollywood Sessions. Later on it really helped me and some of them was really exhausting, like doing 64 banners for gift shop site in 10 hours. Did as many photoshop jobs as i could during that time, even editing wedding albums for a hawaii photographer, patterns variations for a couch manufaturer, logo for a south african mining company and even jobs such as touch-up of lingerie models of  an aspiring Paris photographer which i couldn’t do  in the broad day light at home ( It was fun and did it while i was in my hostel under surveillance of my batch mates). Well this doesn’t a least bit make me an artist or neither skilled at photoshop . Well it did bring me some bucks! That’s all i cared!

One thing i must say is essential for a freelancer is to get the maximum rating after completion of a job. It is the sole thing that decides the future of a freelancer. I always got a good rating and the second time they needed to hire me they would directly mail me and fund me a initial amount in my paypal. Good reputation and constant communication always brings trust. During my engineering days it brought about a drastic change in my freelancer life, the thing was that i needed more bucks for more booze as my room mates were like barrels with endless bottom. I couldn’t say that they didn’t help because they did stay awake with me whenever the photo i did had a beautiful girl in it or a spanish football player. I still got a copy of the flux stating “La Furia EspaƱola” that we made for the world cup of 2010 when spain won their first world cup making history which also marked the highest total foul cards for a world cup final. It was really a death match flashing 14 yellow and 1 red.

Inorder to compensate my rising need for bucks i had to move into  a new area ” HTML”. It was really amazing how these guys took me from one page to another on a click and printed my name showing a welcome message. For a CS or a few other branches these might not be so amazing as it’s a part of their boring daily routine. But for Mechie it was really something. Well my first choice was ” HTML for Dummies ”  and believe me it need to be rewritten as “HTML for Mummies“. Ancient theories and depreciated techniques. My next choice was really the best you could have as a noob  “Head First HTML and CSS ” . If you really love reading fictions and hate textbooks, then this is the best book for you. Till now i have collected all other Head First Books. After a few months trial, i did my first html website for my association event with a registration form that sends you the registration details as email. It was really good as a noob. Then did a few static websites in vworker and outside.

At the time of  3rd year we had out college tech fest event called Fugeniz. That was first time booze or biriyani was not the reason for me to study something new “PHP”. Did some pretty good stuff along with a few of my batchmates making the event website. A game was to be made following the pattern of a simple quiz. With few of my bros from junior classes started working on it but never thought it would bring all of us together in the future to lead the path of an Entrepreneur. Did some more works on freelancers after that, had tried out some frameworks and found that it the best if i don’t touch it. Till now i had done pretty much close to 350 freelancer jobs all together and it taught me lot of things.

If you are a freelancer, you should be proud of it because you are one of the rarest who are blessed to earn from doing what you like. You get a lot of experience from being a freelancer and it builds up the confidence inside to do the best. Being a freelancer during you schooling or college days can take care of some of your needs and it also tells you what you are good at as there are endless possibilities in freelancing. Take a look at and you could even see someone spanking  for 5 dollars. These guys have entirely changed the the name of freelancing. But sure it’s  good site where you can benefit from. Freelancing leads to Entrepreneurship 99% of the time and it surely is a huge boost compared to others. I started 2 companies as of now and freelancing all these years had  a huge role in it. Before signing off lemme define what is Freelancing.

Freelancing – Earning from doing what you like, what you love and what you are best at.

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